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Introduction to the New Testament

Welcome to a study of the New Testament.

This course will take you through the background of the New Testament (NT) and through each of the 27 books of the NT. At the completion of this course you will understand the Roman and Jewish worlds in the first century (when Jesus lived and the NT books were written), how the NT was developed, how and why it is arranged the way it is, and the theme and purpose of each of the 27 books in the NT.

Please note: this study is intended to be an overview of the New Testament and not a detailed, exhastive study. Disclaimer: Scholars differ greatly on all aspects of the New Testament books: authorship, dates written, themes, etc. Therefore, I will present the information as my research has suggested it, but do be aware that other opinions exist.

As you go through this course always feel free to email me with any questions about the NT, the contents or verses of any of the books, or about Christianity in general. I have been a Christian for a long time and love to talk about the NT and Christianity. (I do not know all the answers, but will be glad to share what I have learned.)

Background to the New Testament

Jesus' biography and the four Gospels

The history book

The letters of Paul and Hebrews

The General or Catholic Epistles and Revelation