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Perpetua: Read and be glad you live when you do

Of all the Christian martyrs in the 300 years after Jesus, Perpetua is one of the better known in the early church period. She died on Mar 7, 203 in the persecution of the Roman emperor Septimius Serverus. Her story is told in The Passion of Saints Perpetua and Felicity. The word “passion” is used here as a heightened awareness of God, often before a martyr’s death. The story is divided into two parts: the first part was written by Perpetua herself, the second part (including her death) was written by a Christian onlooker. During Perpetua’s time, everyone was supposed to sacrifice an animal to the emperor as a sign of loyalty. Perpetua, Felicity, and others in the story refused and so were condemned to death.

From Perpetua herself:

From an anonymous Christian:

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