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Double Extreme Bible Trivia Test 5

  1. Which Gospels end with Jesus telling the Apostles to go to the entire world and tell people about Him?
  2. In the Old Testament, what did God say his name was?
  3. Who preached the first Christian sermon?
  4. How many books in the Bible only have one chapter?
  5. Why were the Levites chosen to be priests of God?
  6. According to Genesis, how many days did God take to create everything?
  7. When the Jews were in the desert after leaving Egypt, God told them to take a census of the different tribes. (Numbers 1) Which was the largest tribe?
  8. Which was the smallest tribe?
  9. Which of the four Gospels does not end with the Ascension of Jesus?
  10. Where was Abraham living when God told him to go to Canaan?

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